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Gary.jpg The Prez. The New Big Cheeze, The Racer Formally known as Web Meister.
Ladies and Gentlemen: Scary Gary Branscombe
pat.jpg The Ski Bum,
Ladies and Gentlemen: Mad Pat Corcoran
paulKondrat.jpg The Technician,
Ladies and Gentlemen: Paul Kondrat
DomAndSophie.jpg Our Registration. The meeters and greeters. The Ticket takers, The results girls.
Ladies and Gentlemen: The Stunningly beautiful Dynamite Duo: Dom and Sophie

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Gary Branscombe

Web Page, Newsletters, and Updates

The regular Ottawa Masters Newsletters are sent by e-mail. In addition, we rely on e-mail to provide last minute updates and information about changes in venue or cancellations due to weather.

If you have not been receiving Masters E-Mails, we need to get your correct current e-mail address. Also check you spam filters and junk email box.

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Our History

I don't know it yet. Write it up and send it to me!

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